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Grade 70 Transport Chain with Clevis Grab Hooks, 1/2" X 16ft

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16.00 LBS
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Grade 70 chain and identification tag* with a grade 70 clevis grab hook at each end.


  • Identification: Traceable, Trademark, Size/WLL, Batch Code, GR70
  • Material: Grade70, Carbon Steel
  • Standard: NACM, ASTM A413
  • Finish: Yellow Chromate
  • Design Factor: 4:1

*Compliant with National Safety Code Standard (NSC) 10 Part 1. Division 3, Section 11 (4).

"On and after January 1, 2011 a person shall not use a tie down or a component of a tie down to secure cargo to a vechicle unless it is marked by the manufacture with respect to its working load limit."

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