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Bin Safe System

Bin Safe System

Protect your family from one of the most common accident locations on the farm. This patented and award-winning grain bin fall protection system is a cutting-edge engineered product. Bin Safe is designed to prevent a farmer from impacting the ground when falling off the roof or the grain bin ladder.



Bin Safe Testimonials

"Safety is key when it comes to Meridian. We want our customers to be safe when working with farm equipment and climbing bins. The Meridian team are constantly educating themselves on the latest farm safety regulations and equipment. We can then pass that information along to our Dealers, who then in turn educate the farmer. Meridian takes pride in our strong Relationships & communication with our Dealers when it comes to safety. That is why our Dealers recommend the Northern Strands Bin Safe System to their customers. It is important to Meridian and our Dealers that Farmers climb their grain bins safely."

- Michael Webb
Regional Sales Manager
Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

"When I did fall [off a grain bin], I broke my pelvis in 4 places and I laid in the hospital for 6 weeks before I could even put pressure on my legs. When I saw this product offered by Northern Strands, I knew that they had a winner and proved that they are a winner when they win all the safety awards at every tradeshow they go in. Using Bin Safe is inexpensive and every bin can be done cost effectively; The Bin Safe System allows us to go all the way to the top of the bin and all the way back down safely. That is what every farmer requires or should have to be as safe as possible when climbing bins."

- Greg Setter

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